[concours] Carb finish

What is the best way to obtain an original looking finish on SU carb parts?
I have disassembled the carbs and soaked them in carb cleaner. All of the
grease and dirt is gone, they are down to bare metal. But, they seem to
have a slightly mottled appearance. Is this the normal “factory” look? I
know I could buff/polish them (I have polished the dash pots) but I have
resisted doing so because I wanted to avoid an “over-restored” look,
especially since the car is a driver and only shown in driven D3 class.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, John Walker
69 2+2

I have had excellent results with #12 glass bead. It produces a very
nice finish to the carb intake manifolds, carb bodies, float chambers
and tops.
With nicely polished dash-pots, and polished water/vacuum rail, the
carbs will be very close to original finish.

Bob Knowles