[concours] Chrome strip

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Just to add 2pence worth,

there is an Advert on Jagads.co.uk, as follows

'One of only 27 built. In Yellow Gold, full history, restored and maintained
regardless of cost by a Roll Royce engineer. a/c, Vanden Plas chrome side
strips, chrome wire wheels and chrome originals '.
Thats a 4.2 xj6 coupe btw.

I can remember as a Saturday lad at a agents lad a number of people ordering
various Jaguars, (XJ6 XJ12,) with Chrome from the factory. Some dealers
also retro fit to stock vehicles. As it happens the particular dealer would
try and persuade customers to go for painted coachlines instead. The claim
was that it didn’t rust…true, but the dealer in question had an excellent
painter who restored/ maintained coaches in the Royal Mews in Kensington. I
watched him pinstripe a series 1 Daimler in gold leaf (car was BRG), by hand
for a customer pre delivery… I was astounded how anybody could get straight
and curved edges freehand. I also know this chap did work for batches of
cars for the factory, mostly for overseas markets. (Middle East and parts of
Europe). btw the dealer maintained the Royal Household, vehicles.

All of this is a digression, but Chrome was available special order on XJ’
saloons, when I worked as a Saturday lad between 69, and 76. I also seem to
remember that some cars (UK spec) came standard with chrome, usually as a
fashion thing, or more bad taste from Brit Leyland. For a while the E-type
came that way, and customers had to order without chrome…Not that
could shift the later ones anyway. We had a Primrose one in stock which
cluttered the showrooms for nearly a year.


David Low