[concours] Chromed heat shield discussion

Hi to the list

While we are at it, may as well get some of my observations on XJS (AJ6/AJ16)
engines (1992-1996) and XJ40 (AJ6) engines (1988-1994).

Almost all of these had chrome plated heat shields. But not all. I have
worked on two that had what appeared to be a zinc coated heat shield of a
slightly lighter gauge than the plated ones. A friend that has a 1996 XJS
drophead had me advise him on the replacement of his zinc coated one for the
chromed cover, the new one felt heavier (plating weight?) I don’t understand
why some would be one way and then the other, it wasn’t an option or a model
difference with these cars, maybe just a Jaguar thing. I don’t know about
the Series III cars, I have one and it’s not chrome,
1986 Vanden Plas, US spec. Plain old galvanized tin. I do remember judging
a car, a 1983 Series III that had what appeared to be a stainless steel
manifold shroud. He was the original owner and I don’t think that he had
“customized”" his engine bay.

Just my observations                   David Nichols