[concours] Class 18 - reply (finally)


Hi David Nichols & all – David, I’ve monitored this discussion since Steve
Averill asked about judging a champion division car in two classes – 11
and 18. So I finally got hold of Jerry Nell, the JCNA overall Chief Judge
– he says the current rule book DOES prohibit changing divisions for a car
(champion to driven or vice versa) in the same year, but does NOT
specifically prohibit entering the same car in two champion classes. He
also says the effort is under way to get the AGM delegates to agree in this
year’s AGM to prohibit judging a champion car twice in two different
classes. So – Steve Averill can get away with this at least until the '91
AGM in Nashville TN, but I STRONGLY suspect this will be a one-time thing,

Also, David – the Class 19 “deductions for non-authenticity” do NOT apply
to the so-called “wear” items (tyres, hoses, belts, sparking plugs, etc.)
visible to the judges, as long as they’re “like for like” – for example,
RHETT, my original '59 Mark IX (who won the first Class 18 1st Place North
America in the '97 season) sports new Denman 6.50 x 16 tyres. They’re NOT
deducted because his Operating, Maintenance and Service Handbook for the
Mark IX Model (owner’s manual) calls out (p.vii): “Tyres – Type:
6.50/6.70 x 16…” Likewise, his nylon rear overrug was standard equipment
beginning with the Mark VIII in Oct. '56 – the Spare Parts Catalogue for
Jaguar Mark IX Models, p/312, calls out: “BD.12180, Nylon Rug for Rear
Floor, required only when bench type front seat is fitted…and BD.13191,
Nylon Rug for Rear Floor, required only when bucket type seats are
fitted…” Because these items (which have been unsuccessfully challenged
at shows, where RHETT’s books are on display in the boot) are (even though
“new”) PROVABLY original by the books, he’s NEVER suffered deductions for
them. I hope this information helps in this thread – Larry Martz*****
Greetings to the list.

I cringe when a Chief Judge hands me a clipboard with C 18 Jaguars on my
list, toughest thing to judge as there so many judgement calls to make, lots
of “grey” areas. I hate it when I have to judge using my own standards by
default, and my own “default setting” is necessary as very little is
specified in the judging manual and add ons’ that I have. Lots of confusion
here. Would I consider the touch up of a rock chip as restoration? No, that
is correct maintenence in my opinion. New carpets, etc? Yes, I would call
that non-authentic as the way the rules(?) are now, a very fine line between
“correct maintenence” and restoration. New hoses, belts and the like? Sure,
that is keeping your Jaguar going.down the road as it was meant to be. New
distributor? again, we are in the Twilight Zone, I would suffer no
deductions for a correct replacement, I would rather see the original
rebuilt, how do you tell the difference? Same goes for many other mechanical

Also, what do you do about correct repair of collisions? Jaguars driven down
the road are subject to the same perils as Honda Civics. Is this supposed to
be a “Preservation” class or a “Museum” class? I don’t choose this hill to
die on, but I wish things were clarified. However, I would hate to see some
wreck hauled out of a barn be Cannonized as “100 %” Original and be lauded
for the neglect that it has suffered. This is just my opinion at the moment.

    Justified criticism cheerfully accepted

                                   David Nichols