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Greetings to the list.

I cringe when a Chief Judge hands me a clipboard with C 18 Jaguars on my
list, toughest thing to judge as there so many judgement calls to make, lots
of “grey” areas. I hate it when I have to judge using my own standards by
default, and my own “default setting” is necessary as very little is
specified in the judging manual and add ons’ that I have. Lots of confusion
here. Would I consider the touch up of a rock chip as restoration? No, that
is correct maintenence in my opinion. New carpets, etc? Yes, I would call
that non-authentic as the way the rules(?) are now, a very fine line between
“correct maintenence” and restoration. New hoses, belts and the like? Sure,
that is keeping your Jaguar going.down the road as it was meant to be. New
distributor? again, we are in the Twilight Zone, I would suffer no
deductions for a correct replacement, I would rather see the original
rebuilt, how do you tell the difference? Same goes for many other mechanical

Also, what do you do about correct repair of collisions? Jaguars driven down
the road are subject to the same perils as Honda Civics. Is this supposed to
be a “Preservation” class or a “Museum” class? I don’t choose this hill to
die on, but I wish things were clarified. However, I would hate to see some
wreck hauled out of a barn be Cannonized as “100 %” Original and be lauded
for the neglect that it has suffered. This is just my opinion at the moment.

    Justified criticism cheerfully accepted

                                   David Nichols

I also talked to Nell about this and Larry’s comments pretty much echo what
I heard from Jerry. HOWEVER, I’m not sure I’d agree with the
characterization of dual class entry as “getting away” with something. It’s
difficult enough to prepare a car for its native class or for C18. It’s
still more difficult to compete in both at the same time with the same car.
There is no item on the '01 AGM agenda that covers this, so it may well be
allowed for some time to come. What’s more, a dual entry can’t be a
surprise to the host club when advance registration is provided. It would
dispell confusion, however, if the rules specifically indicated that a
“dual entry” is allowed in this one, unusual circumstance. In any event, if
I try a dual entry, it’ll be at an event AFTER the AGM as I won’t have my
JDHT Certificate before then. Futher, I doubt that I’ll do it more than
once, and so won’t be eligible for JCNA awards in the Preservation Class in
any event.

I don’t think I’d put distributor replacement into the gray area as David
does. I’ve not heard of anyone replacing a distributor for show purposes
and can’t think of a good reason to do so on an XK-engined car. On my own
car, I replaced the distributor last year because the old one literally
exploded. If someone can suggest how to rebuild the distributor at:
http://clubs.hemmings.com/seattlejagclub/APAGE/her5.jpg I’d gladly consider
the suggestion.

One of my MAIN ORIGINAL POINTS is that the focus of Class 18 seems
misguided at present. A major value of any Class 18 car is to serve as an
authenticity reference. This is a difficult function to serve if it’s a
competition class and still more so if entrants are penalized for stating
what has been done to what on their cars so that viewers may judge for
themselves the degree to which they want to use the car as a guide to
improving their own car. A minor rules tweak misses this point. I’d favor
something along the lines of “Class 18 Certification” consisting of a
review of the car, with the certified car acquiring no more than 200 points
(or some other threshold) of deductions for authenticity/replacement. The
owner would be required to list these items, with the judging consisting of
going over the car to confirm the list was comprehensive. JCNA awards would
consist of no more than a list of “JCNA-certified Class 18” cars. Cars
would, of course, remain free to compete in their native classes, either in
Driven or Champion Division. These cars should be encouraged and will
eventually serve to help produce a JCNA visual authenticity guide. Class 18
as currently constituted doesn’t (see Larry’s nylon rug example, for
instance). If I enter Class 18, I intend to give the lead judge a reference
list of all KNOWN replacements up front - that will change the judging
focus from a “let’s catch the new stuff” to “what are the remaining
questions on this car.” The rules don’t require this sort of list, but they
ought to. My car will still easily score well above the 80 point threshold
even if the judge takes a strict line with every item on the list - even on
replacement of damaged hose clamps. THAT is more important than the actual
score in Class 18 - or should be.

One last note - I don’t see how nylon rug deductions can be challenged. The
rules clearly state that “new or replaced” deductions are solely the
judgment of the judge and may not be appealed. I read that to mean that if
my original paint or whatever is nice enough, I may be deducted for it and
have no course of appeal. Same goes for nice rugs. Dem’s da rules.

                                          -Steve A.

'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40

Larry Martz wrote:

Hi David Nichols & all – David, I’ve monitored this discussion since Steve
Averill asked about judging a champion division car in two classes – 11
and 18. So I finally got hold of Jerry Nell, the JCNA overall Chief Judge
>…So – Steve Averill can get away with this at least until the '91
AGM in Nashville TN, but I STRONGLY suspect this will be a one-time thing,

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averill@earthlink.net writes:

<< If someone can suggest how to rebuild the distributor at:
http://clubs.hemmings.com/seattlejagclub/APAGE/her5.jpg I’d gladly consider
the suggestion. >>


Switch housings with an exact item with the same number and date code.
Lucas distributors are “kit” items for the most part. And they can be
assembled from most any Lucas parts of the correct number. Let me know what
make and year car you have along with the internals of the late spark
provider and I’ll let you know what the exact internal and external contents
are. Should be able to find a used housing with the same date codes and just
go from there. In fact you can probably reuse the parts that are not damaged.
I wouldn’t recommend that for the internal components of course but for the
outside cosmetic items it would be simple and easy.
It looks like a weight came loose and tried, successfully at that, to escape.