[concours] Class Consolidation Fact Chart

Latest Class consolidation facts/figures at:

It includes how car counts would fall into a minor mod of the Mark
Stephenson proposal (but no separation of the V12 cars).

Observations about other proposals when looking at the data:
Combining all XJ6/12 cars in Champion would create one of the largest
classes in JCNA. It would also Combine cars with different engine
compartment configurations that judges already have trouble with.

Splitting the XJ40 cars from the X300 cars would create an unviable class.
As it is, it appears as if all the post XJ-Series cars will have to be
combined sometime after the current XJ8 is replaced by a new XJ.

Splitting XJS has some merit, but there seems to be NO EVIDENCE that the
split should be based on age of the XJS. Perhaps Open vs Closed or 6 versus
12 might make sense. Splitting S1 E-types also bears some thought. Open
versus closed or 3.8 vs 4.2 might make sense. In both the XJS and E-type,
however, data does not clearly indicate how large each split class would be.

The Competition Class is NOT VIABLE by itself. I combined it with Modified,
but that has problems as well since the trivial requirements for entry into
Modified make it a growing class that doesn’t need megabuck competition.
Where should Competition go? Right now, it is “Competition” in name only as
far as North American placings go. With the “Classics?” That dilemma needs
to be solved.

The Preservation Class is simply not viable as a competitive class. That is
one reason it should be considered as an “education only” class - it might
help draw in cars that are currently “display.”

Careful thought should be given to the future of the carbureted saloons.
The only combination that might create reasonable class sizes (compared to
others) would be to put the Mark VII-IX with the XK cars and the unibody
cars (compact saloons, Mark X and S1/2 XJ) together. Any other combination
makes one class or another large compared to others (as is the case in
Driven) and raises questions of judging in the case of S1-3 XJ combination
in Champion Division.
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40