[concours] Concours Guide?

I’m in the process of putting my 67 OTS back together and would like to
eventually show it. Is there such thing as a concours guide that one
could use as a guid as the car is put back together so as to help make
sure it is done properly?

The JCNA Web site has the information to order the “JCNA Concours Rule
Book” 6th Ed. $10 for members, $15 for non-members.

I found it helpful to understand the rules as I rebuilt my car.



You may be aware that JCNA only accepts official Jaguar Cars/Factory
publications and its own (JCNA) publications as documentation for a
vehicle’s configuration. Unfortunately, those particular pubs don’t have
all the answers.

Assuming you have the standard collection of Jaguar Service, Parts

and Owner’s manuals, then the JCNA AGM Seminar Bulletin, covering the
3.8L and 4.2L E-Types, distributed at the March 1994 meeting, would also
be of use. It’s available at a rather costly $32 (Members) and $42
(non-members) from Charlie Morgan, 5511 Sycamore Ave, Baltimore, MD
21227. Fax/Phone 410 242-7312.

There are some other good commercial books out there (such as

Haddock’s latest Restoration Guide) to get you going in the right
direction but none have JCNA’s blessing for use in validating specific
matters of authenticity.

JCNA is slowly working to correct these deficiencies.

Dick Cavicke

Thanks to all who responded with info on sources for the JCNA pubs available as a guide for restoration. I appreciate it. (I do have Haddock’s book and find it fairly useful).
Thanks again,
67 OTS