[concours] Condolences to Larry Martz -- from Ron Duncan


Hi all – When I first posted the news about my sister Carolyn DeLozier’s
death to the xk list on Sun. August 12 '01, Ron Duncan of the xk list
called me, and asked if there was anything he could do. I told him about
the memorial fund established to honor Carolyn, and he posted the following
to the xk list:*****
Just an FYI:

Regarding the loss of Larry’s sister; a memorial fund has been set up for a
very worthwhile organization. The smallest contribution is cheerfully
accepted so please honor the life and good works of both the Carolyn
DeLozier and the Larry Martz families by sending a contribution to:

The Carolyn DeLozier Memorial Fund
Henry County Library
123 East Green
Clinton, Mo.

I know I speak for all when I say that few, if any, of us have not learned
something from Larry’s experience and writings so please, if you will, give
a little something back.

Respectfully and Thanks


So – having decided to notify ALL the Jag-Lovers lists I’m on, here’s
Ron’s piece about the Carolyn DeLozier Memorial Fund. The DeLozier and
Martz families had decided to do this for the Tue. Aug 7 memorial service
in Clinton MO, asking attendees to contribute in lieu of flowers. The fund
will go to the Henty County Library in Clinton as a permanent memorial to
Carolyn – anyone contributing in any amount will be come part of this
“extended family” effort.

As of right now, 6:10 PM Pacific Time on Wed. Aug. 15 '01, I’ve received no
fewer than THIRTY-SIX condolence messages from my Jag-Lovers friends on the
five lists I’m involved in. I expect even more in the next few days – on
Mon. Aug 20 '01, I’ll post these messages to the DeLozier and Martz
families who are online, and snail copies to those who aren’t. Of course,
all of this is possible because of what Carolyn has always called the
“Magic Box” (our computers, eh!).

Again – this effort proves my long-held view that we Jag-Lovers
enthusiasts are really an “extended family”. On behalf of the DeLozier and
Martz families, I offer our deep THANKS for your caring and willingness to
join us in this tragic situation. In fact (I just CAN’T avoid getting
emotional at this point), this proof validates my view (held since
acquisition of my first Mark VII back in 1963) that we Jaguar enthusiasts
are a distinct breed of Cat, because of our emotional attachment to the
products of Sir William Lyons. Take care my dear Jaguar friends – Larry