[concours] E-Type Air Horn Rivets- Painted or Unpainted?

(tom keohan) #1

Attending a recent Concours, a friend showing his SI 4.2
E-Type told me that he was deducted points for painted
rivets on his air cleaner ‘‘air horn’’. There are four on top
and four not seen on the bottom. I’ve been around E-Types
for a few years, but never heard that was factory correct.
Anybody have insight on this issue?–
Tom K., 1966 E-Type Coupe
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(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #2

There has been some question of when the markings on these jacks were changed from patent pending to the 903079 patent number. The patent was published(issued)on August 9, 1962. As there is no way of knowing how many jacks were in the system, Metallifacture, Jaguar etc, at that point in time there is also no way in knowing when jacks marked with a patent number appeared in E-Type Jaguars. We do, however, know that any E-Type produced on or before the patent publish date equipped with a Metallifacture jack should be marked patent pending. From Jaguar build records the first E-Types produced after the patent publish date were,
850581 8-21-1962
860786 8-9-1962
877847 8-9-1962
886565 8-9-1962
which would mean that the 8-21 production car could possibly, but doubtful, have a jack marked either way whereas the 8-9 production cars should have a jack marked patent pending.
Plymouth, Mi.