[concours] E-type - Question on License Bracket

Without getting us back into a long discussion about the bracket versus
plug, I’d like opinions on whether I will pick up deductions for the car
when configured as follows:

Car is registered in a state that doesn’t require front plates

Car is normally driven with plugs

Car is displayed with plugs installed and with complete bracket hardware
adjacent for judging purposes.

I would prefer not to go to the effort of installing the bracket specially
for shows when it isn’t required for street use and the car uses the
correct Jaguar substitute. I don’t object to the bracket being judged and,
in fact, the judge would be free to examine it as closely as he/she wished
which is more that could be done if it was actually ON the car.

How thin is the ice that I will be standing on? That Protest Committee
opinion was somewhat ambiguous about what they would have done had the car
been from a non-front plate state.