[concours] E-type - Questions are on Separate Notes

I have a number of questions about how I might be able to show my E-type
withoug picking up authenticity deductions in a number of areas that are
not clearly treated by the rules. I will ask them in a series of posts
after this one so that we don’t wind up with a very long note.

To set the stage, I’m beginning to get my E-type, built in March of 1967,
ready so that I can show it next year. Three years is enough with the XJ6C.
Anyway, I’d like to avoid authenticity deductions for work that I do and
I’m also concerned about staving off deductions for things that may be
unusual but that I believe are original as the car was shipped from Jaguar.

More complicated seems to be the area of using parts from the Jaguar Parts
Catalog. I do not wish to run afoul of the license plate bracket type of
deductions. Anyway, next, the questions.
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40