[concours] E-type - Safety Modifications Part 1

Later on, the car will have a roll bar installed to comply with SCCA
requirements for Solo racing. It will also have competition seat belts
installed at that time.

Recalling the rule regarding safety modifications, it states:
“a.Safety Equipment
Certain states or provinces require that specific safety equipment be
installed on Jaguars to meet their regulations. An Owner may install such
items as may be necessary for the Owner to be able to legally drive the
Jaguar in that state or province. The installation should be neat and
clean, and be accomplished with care and in good taste.”

As this modification would be made based on recognized competition rules
rather than state laws, would I be subject to either being heavily
penalized or misrepresenting the car as a Class 16 cars even though it
doesn’t have enough mods to qualify? The installation would be neat and
clean and accomplished with care and in good taste. It would be painted
dark blue, which is the interior color.

If the installation of required safety equipment would disqualify the car
for C5, I suppose I could yank out the carpets and spare to qualify but
that seems a crude solution.

Any suggestions here?
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40