[concours] Fund Raiser Goal Reached!

Well done, Jag-lovers!!! You’ve done it!!!

On Friday, May 8, we reached our $4500 goal for the new Jag-lovers
server. In fact, the donations which have come in since Friday have
taken us well over the $5000 mark. You guys and gals are great!!! It
is with great pleasure that we declare this Jag-lovers server fund raiser
officially closed.

We just can’t thank everyone enough. Though we weren’t sure what to
expect when we launched this fund-raiser, your immediate and strong
response was amazing. And the constant support and words of
encouragement which you’ve given us throughout this fund-raiser have
been fantastic. You’ve really come through when it was needed.

We want to thank you for trusting us with your hard-earned money. We’ll
do our best to repay this trust with steady and uninterrupted service.
Over two years ago we closed the last Jag-lovers fund raiser by saying
that there would be no further fund raisers for at least a year. We’ll
close this fund raiser by making the same pledge today.

Fund-raiser administrative report:
The current fund-raiser details are on the jag-lovers web-site at
http://www.jag-lovers.org/fundraiser/index.html. The various
collection points will remain open for the rest of the week to allow
cheques to clear and any mail still in the system to come thru. At
that time we will wire the amounts to our treasurer, Nick, who will
present us a final accounting of the fund-raiser. From there, Nick and
Gunnar will oversee the equipment procurement and installation. Then,
with any luck, we jag-lovers admins can once again fade into the
backroom for a couple more years, quietly sipping our pints and doing
our part to keep things working while you all do your part by keeping
up the free-wheeling Jag-lovers conversations which are the real heart
of this list.

Again, thank you so much, it’s an honor to be associated with this group.

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