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Hi there,

Sent this last week and got no response. I’m re-sending to a different
email address in hopes of a reply.

While we’re on the subject of mudshields, could someone help me with a
question of mudflap “authenticity”?

I have a 1976 XJ 5.3C that I brought over from the UK several years
ago. This UK version coupe arrived fully restored with black rubber
mudflaps all around. The rear flaps have the word “Jaguar” written on
them in raised rubber letters.

The presence of these flaps have caused a flap of their own among a
judge or two at past JCNA sanctioned events. My PO assures me that the
flaps were either original equipment or an option when the coupe was

I would like to bring all this mudflap slinging to an end once and for
all . Can you help me?

Unflappably yours,

Dave Maupin
1976 XJ 5.3C
NC Foothills

Unflappable Dave,
I have a brand new set of mudflaps for “Jaguar XJ Range” vehicles. They
are still packaged in official Jaguar Cars Inc. packaging and, as you
described, the rear ones have the Jaguar name on them in raised letters.
The part numbers are JLM 345 (Rear) and JLM 9508 (Front).

While it would be nice to have a Jaguar accessories pamphlet (with
mudflaps) to show to the next doubting judge, you can also point out the
following: Series 2 XJ’s, (and rather definitely Series 1 & 3 as well),
actually have two “Jaguar factory-drilled” mudflap mounting holes in the
rear splash panels of each fender. The holes have “factory” rubber plugs
installed in them (if mudflaps are not mounted). When not covered by
heavy undercoating, the plugs can be seen and felt just inside the rear
lower lip of each fender opening.

If you lost points for your mudflaps and could not resolve the issue
with the host club, I suggest you file a brief protest with the JCNA
Protest Board c/o Chairman, Randy Prine, 3226 Brant St., San Diego, CA

Dick Cavicke
Chief Judge,
San Diego Jaguar Club
Member, JCNA Protest Board