[concours] Great to Have a Driven Class at all!

As a novice showman (at 52 yrs, its nice to have something new to experience),
I just think it is great that there even exists a Driven class in JCNA judging.
Is this common w/other marques re: concours shows? The concept is great in that
those of us who have nice, relatively original cars that are driven regularly
can compete in ‘something’ without doing a frame off restoration! I like the
fact that the bonnet stays down when judging driven class, due to the obvious
driving grime that accumulates, even tho I try to keep it as clean under the
hood as possible… However, I really don’t understand why the inerior of the
boot is not judged, in that it rarely receives any modifications (IMHO) and can
easily be fixed up to be original…On the other hand…if the concept is
truly, how original and clean looking it can be as it drives by, then I can
accept it. Seems that the actrual perspective may be, if I were walking down
the street and it was parked at the curb, how well maintained and original
would it look? So, if that rationale is acceptable, the only question is the
amount of deductions and judging investigation that goes on relative to under
the dash (relatively hidden type things, like shut-off burglar switches, fan
manual switches, etc.) Anyway, regardless of the answers or rationale, I LOVE
that a Driven class even exists, and look forward to participating soon!!!
Steve Roush, Huntington Beach, CA 63 E-type OTS #876753

I just think it is great that there even exists a Driven class in JCNA judging.

Great Point! I “compete” with my Daily Driver, a 1991 Vanden Plas in a
few concours events in the driven class.

This is great for me as it’s a 97K mile, ungaraged car… so any chance
of being even remotely competitive in the Champion Division? Forget it!

But this allows me to compete with my “babied” car.