[concours] Gunnar Helliesen <gunnar@bitcon.no>: [pub] RE: [xj] Jag-lovers meet in ... Austin?

Well if you ask me - I think Austin is a Great place to have it and I
hope the offer was real - forgotten who it was - but count me it for
There for the Same reasons - COST … !!!

I Am going to go to England - but don’t know when - not real soon - but

SEEMS to me tho that some / a / local Jaguar Club - that has members on
our list - could help do it on their Own behalf too.

Maybe San Antonio? We’re in the middle of the stretch for our up-coming
Concours d’ Elegance in Sept. - a whole Month Earlier than Originally
planned for in October - but if someone wants the names & tele. #'s of
the officer’s I’ll be glad to get 'em to you immediately.

Hmmmmm … Anybody want to show their cars?

Maybe - just Maybe it could Coincide … ???

Lemme know …

I also cc’d this to the “Concours” list.


Jim Wood - San Antonio, Texas
1989 XJ-S Red HE V-12 Coupe
First Place “Driven” / S. A. Jaguar Club’s Annual
“Alamo City Concours d’ Elegance” 1997
Fax: 210-826-1553 - @james_e_wood_jr********
[I’ve cc’d this message to the pub@jag-lovers.org list. Can we continue the discussion (if any) there? Seems more appropriate.]

Richardson, John T. wrote:

Greetings from a lurker, I have not seen any more on the proposed 1st
Annual Jag-Lovers meeting except the original proposal . I think Austin
Texas was offered as a possible site ?

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