[concours] Headlight Points

Hey Friends:
When I had my 94 XJ12 at the Concour in Franklin, I took a few hits for
the back side of my headlight area being less than completely clean. I
didn’t get a real good briefing from the judge, but I think he meant the aft
portion of the headlight “bucket”, made of glass, where the bulb is inserted
into the housing. The surface of the glass appears to be coated with what
looks like house paint, a pale yellow or off-white color, and it looks like
it was spilled onto the surface at some point in its life.
At first, I thought it might be some residual color-sanding residue from
my recent paint job. That was not it, since the residue wipes away easily
and quickly. This seems to be embedded into the glass. Also, I compared the
same area on my wife’s 94 VDP, and behold, it has the same situation on its
headlights. It looks like heck, and I can’t figure out where it came from.
I probably will solve the problem by taking out the headlight buckets,
and painting the rear surface with some color. I will then be able to
declare the parts as non-original and list them on the proper Concours
forms. (The car is already a modified car.)
Any ideas on what the heck that stuff is, and where it came from? or
mebbe how to clean it up?

Steve Houtari
94 VDP