[concours] Headlining colour

Dear Margaret, I suggest you use the Fawn headlining. The problem with
verifying headlining colours is that the factory did not record these for
each car but apparently decided what colour to use based on the colour of
the car and the interior trim. There were I think only 3 colours used:
Fawn, Light Grey, and Green. I have some factory car cards however for
several cars sold new, and one was your combination of BRG and Tan, which
had a Fawn headlining. It is the only one of the three available that
would work with Tan anyway. In the concours I am involved in, you would
lose points for an obviously wrong colour. You might be interested to know
that the headlining colour did NOT depend solely on the trim colour: Red
interior cars could have had Fawn (mostly) or Grey (sometimes) depending on
the colour of the body.
Regards, John Elmgreen