[concours] Hole drilling points

(forwarded for Chip Lamb - address mismatch - Dick White)

Car is a 1976 XJ6L.

Lady Julia is coming close to being done - the epoxy primer is on, and all
the old holes have been filled. I need to mount the following items, and
would appreciate it if someone out there knew the exact hole points for the

  • Side mascots on front fenders - measurements between holes, from top of
    rocker panel to holes, and from right hole to edge of fender.

  • Leaper front hole from edge of bonnet without grille installed.

  • Measurements for XJ12 Ser.II chrome side trim from front of front fender
    to “point”, from rear of rear fender to end of strip (I have the hole
    instructions but want to give them a double-check).


William “Chip” Lamb
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