[concours] IMPORTANT - Interruption of Mail Service

To all:

The good news is that Gunnar is getting ready to cut over the new server!

Target date and time is midnight CEST on Friday, 1 August [*]. He is
expecting all Jag-Lovers services to be interrupted for an undetermined
period of time (6-24 hours, but possibly longer). All Jag-Lovers services
would include the Jag-Lovers web site and all the mail lists. He is asking
us not to send any mail during this time. He didn’t say so but I assume he
will notify the admins when he’s ready to start handling mail again and we
will in turn notify everyone.

Dick White (concours admin)

[*] Midnight Friday/Saturday CEST:
3 pm Friday US Western
6 pm Friday US Eastern
11 pm Friday UK
1 am Saturday Helsinki
8 am Saturday Tokyo
9 am Saturday Sydney