[concours] Jag-lovers Windows Screen Saver released and updated

All Jag Lovers

Thanks to all those from the Jag-lovers lists who commented, made
suggestions and generally made it worth while continuing with the saver.

The latest version has now been released and is available to the world
via a link on the brochures homepage. List owners of web pages are
welcome to link direct to the Screen Saver homepage if they wish.

If you have 1.0.5 or earlier, then it’s worth upgrading to 1.0.6 (separate
upgrade Setup available) for the new features. Briefly they are:

  • Desktop shortcut to start Screen Saver on demand
  • Option to copy images and expand to full screen background between
  • Password protection now works
  • Energy Saving monitors now work (eventually - see notes on site)
  • Optional border round image
  • Various bug fixes, including further anti-multiple copy fixes

There are also additional downloadable image files, including the ‘S’ Type
and XJ-S/XJR-S.

If you can’t see V1.0.6 on loading the page, use your browser Reload
button or clear your cache…


You may also be interested in the stats for users accessing the
Jag-lovers Brochures site - these are against 3000 unique accesses

Netscape 4 28.2%
Netscape 3 21.9%
MSIE4 21.8%
MSIE3 16.8%
AOL 3 5.7%
Netscape 2 2.0%
WebTV 1 1.3%
MSIE2 0.4%
Other ca 0.3%

OS Type

Win 95 71.3%
Win NT 10.1%
Win 3.1 6.5%
Mac 5.7%
Other 2.5%
Win 98 1.6%
Sun OS 5 0.6%
HP-UX 0.5%
Linux 2 0.4%
OS/2 0.3%
Sun OS 4 0.2%