[concours] Jaguar Association of New England (JANE) Concours D'Elegance

Hello listers,

I will be traveling to the Jaguar Association of New England’s Concours
D’Elegance on August 10, 11, 12 (next weekend) in Sturbridge, MA. I will not
be competing this year, but I believe that I will be next year in the DRIVEN
class with my BRG 86 XJ6.

I am currently disassembling my 85 XJ6 for parts and knowledge. I plan on
buying a digital camera soon to take pictures of all of the disassembled
components for reference and for my future web site. I have gained so much
knowledge and confidence over the past four years of Jag ownership and being
a member of this list. I thank everyone.

Is anyone going to be attending the JANE Concours next weekend?

Last year I went down and did not know if there was anyone who I would
recognize from the list. I only was able to stay a few hours last year, but
plan on staying SAT and SUN this year.

Happy Pouncing,
Jon Rhoad
Windsor, VT
1985 Jaguar XJ6 III
1986 Jaguar XJ6 III (BRG)
1977 Fiat Spider 124
1986 SAAB 900