[concours] Jaguar Brochures update +11 items and NEW! Old Jaguar Adverts

All Jag-Lovers

The brochures website at
has had another update with 11 new items plus updates to the
‘Collecting’ page. The latter also now includes details of how you can
advertise for brochures on the Web now (not a Jag-lovers facility
though) and some new collecting-related links.

You do not need to plough through all the pages to find only the most
recent brochure updates - bookmark this URL instead:

It lists all updates since 1st July with the most recently added first - the
main index has a link to this just below the daily changing picture (well, it
changes if your Browser is Javascript aware - today you should see an
XJ220). Check the Change Index frequently if you visit the site often.

This update is mostly for more recent material, such as the initial 1996
XK8 brochures plus XJ-S related material including the Lister Le Mans
and the 1996 4.0 Litre range brochures. There is a full 1993 XJ12 range
brochure and the Chasseur Stealth XJ makes an appearance. Also the
Jaguar Sport XJR/XJR-S together with the full original XJ220 Press pack
with photos announcing the car as a concept. Finally, an SS Cars 1936
range brochure - the links to the listing Side Valve 1936 brochure have
also been repaired.

As usual, any corrections bad links to me please a.s.a.p.

There is also a fledgling new page - ‘Original Jaguar Advertisements’.

It is virtually empty at the moment except for a 1938 ‘Autocar’ SS Cars
front page and is eagerly awaiting input from anyone with old or
interesting Jaguar related adverts from the motoring press. I have been
promised a lot of early material from list members already so keep your
eyes on this page. And please contribute if you can.

For your convenience, there is a new Jag-lovers navigation bar at the
top of the various brochure pages that should help you find your way
round the whole site from within Brochures.

And finally, for those that still haven’t managed to find it, the Screen
Saver link is: