[concours] Jaguar Brochures update +30 brochures/348 pages 1936-1998

All Jag-Lovers

The brochures website at


has just had a major update. With over 30 brochures and 340 new pages
scans for a current total of 110 brochures, added since the last e-mail
update you should now find something that interests you there. There is
also a new page about collecting and where to find your own

New entries start pre-war in 1936 for Swallow Sidecars (real sidecars
this time not their cars) through complete 1938 and 1939 Jaguar/SS Cars
range brochures.

Post war is the XK series leaflet that includes the XK100 spec, and the
famous Nokold ‘D’ Type brochure. We carry on with more XK120/140/150
material and even the XKSS gets an entry together with a 1956 range
colour guide.

Then more ‘S’ type, E-Type (even a bikini features here in a Canadian
press pack) including a Series 1 press review, the XJ-S launch brochure
and other XJ-S material including a fully illustrated Salesmans report,
Lynx variations (Spyder, Eventer etc) and the RM Engineering version.

In there also is the Lynx D-Type brochure, 1963 Daimler V8, the first
Vicarage Mk 2 brochure (slightly water damaged spine but the scans are
mostly good) and a Japanese Mk 2 replica - the ‘viewt’ (no further
comment on this one).

Completing the update is the full 1990 XJ40 brochure with XJ6, XJ12
Sovereign, Daimler etc, a 1992 XJ220 press pack and finally the 1998
XKR Launch Press Pack.

As usual, any corrections, bad links to me please a.s.a.p.


In looking at the brochures for the 1981 XJS I noticed that the text parts
are particularly hard to read because of the darkness of the background paper.

If you are running Windows 95 there is a temporary cure that will make them
quite readable.

  1. Minimise the web page (dont close it).

  2. Open the folder that contains the Control Panel (in my case “My Computer”)

  3. Click on Control Panel

  4. Click on Display

  5. Click on the Color tab

  6. Adjust the Gamma bar to 1.5

  7. Click on OK

  8. Return to the web page and maximise it.

After you are done reading them you will want to go back and reset the
Gamma to 1.0
Cheers, Jim

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