[concours] Looking for a Judging Guide on the MKII RHD and 2.4 Models

Yowza All,
Here in the States we have more than a few examples of the MKII
in RHD and 2.4 Litre form. We have a great guide for judging
authenticity on a 3.8 LHD example but very little on the 2.4 and
RHD variants.
I was thinking that the UK must have something similar that is
applicable as these cars were more prevalent to your side of the
Pond. Since my place of birth is the USA and we’re not fond of
duplicating effort, (I’m lazy, really lazy), have you guys put one
togeather for your Judges and can I get ahold of a copy?
If one is not available, no doubt I’ll be working with those in
the States that have them but I figure there are far more examples
in the UK.
Thanks, Good Health to You and Yours, Bob Lovell–
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