[concours] Mechanical Judging section

I like the idea of staring the cars to assure mechanical integrity…but wonder
about the exhaust smoking issue only because it seems that when new, and until
they were broken in, or perhaps even long after, some of our cars seemed to
consumers of oil, and hence a bit of exhaust blue smoke came through the tail
pipe… my E-type smokes a bit on startup but evens out right quickly, and the
oil level doesn’t seem to be challenged by this usage…and I’d drive her darn
near anywhere from a reliability standpoint. Actually, those cars that have
been overhauled more recently probably stand a better chance of not smoking
(new ring technology, better machining techniques,etc.) than the originals or
those overhauled ten years ago…but having said this, I think the idea has
merit…Dick, what was the reason it was rejected a few years back???