[concours] More on Tires for 61 E-Type

Thanks to Dan, Dick, and Steve for responding to my question regarding
whether radials are allowed on a 61 Jag. I only have two pages from the
JCNA Judges Guide that were sent to me by Randy Price last spring when I
was initially trying to solve this problem. It does not give the details
that Dick is quoting. Dick: Is your book the latest?

I have a copy of the 1961 Road and Track issue where the E-Type is
announced and introduced. While radials might not have been supplied on
the car, in this same issue of the magazine, there is an ad for Michelin X
tires, which while not called radials, are, I believe, radials. The ad
says: “The Michelin patented “X” archwise construction is now the trend in
the whole tire industry. Michelin is still 10 years ahead!” Is it
possible that the term “radial” was not coined at that time? If these are
radials, is it not possible that a Jag buyer could have had the new tires
taken off and replaced by Michelin X tires and does this not mean that “the
type would be consistent with availability for the vintage of the Jaguar”?

Who is the last authority on this question?
thanks again for your help.

Bob Reid

Bob, Steve, Dan and Dick H.,
Bob- Yes, my rule book is the latest.

As others have suggested, I, too, believe the low speed-rating of

the original radial tires is the primary reason they are not accepted
prior to 5/63. After that time, the radials were improved, their speed
rating was upgraded to equal or better the bias ply Road Speed tires and
they became optional equipment. (Over the years, the same problem has
prevented accepting radials on the XK series cars).

The guidance that: "Type must be consistent with availability for

the vintage of the Jaguar", means that only the types of tires which
were available at the time the car was delivered may be used. This is
further amplified in the notes on Page 5 of Appendix B as follows: “JCNA
Rules provide that replacement tires must be the same (or equivalent)
size and type (bias/radial) as original or optional equipment on cars as
shipped from the Jaguar factory.”

The Rule Book is the final authority, assuming it addresses the
question. If a judge’s ruling is protested, the JCNA Protest Board
examines the protest details and applies the existing rules and standing
practices to the best of its ability. If no rule covers the situation it
may be referred to an Authenticity Committee who will be asked to do
some research and make a recommendation.

I hope this hasn’t just muddied the water. I look forward to continued
input from others who have been working within the JCNA system.

Regards, Dick Cavicke