[concours] National Placings and Local Shows

The call for class splits is based on local shows with lots of cars in a
single class. The call for consolidation is based on local shows with
single/no cars in a class. One thing that is perfectly clear (to ME at
least) is that the current JCNA “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t actually
fitting many shows.

There IS a simple solution. Task the new Chief Judge Committee with
providing recognized subdivisions of existing classes that clubs with large
shows could implement (based on past experience only - not on the day of
the show). The scores would tally toward North American Standings based on
the main classes.

Subdivision would allow clubs with large shows to maintain some reasonable
chance of single-show entrants not getting discouraged.

Logical subdivisions for XJS would include:
Open and Closed
AJ-engined and V12
Pre-1992 and 1992-1996 (some might like this, but I think it’s poop)

What about smaller club shows?

In that case, with the revamped numbering in my “minor mod” post, you could
collapse any class of the same number, resulting in as few as 8 Classes in
Champion compared to the current 20. Results for North American Standings
would, as in the case of big shows that are subdivided, be reported in the
“JCNA” standard classes.

Result: Big shows give out more trophies than little shows. Competition in

One benefit - it would make a “first” more meaningful than it is today,
leading to a system where W/L determines the North American Champion rather
than undependable scores. The current system is rather like determining the
NFL Champion based on how many points they score during a season rather
than by winning games. That would also end any dispute about “easy” and
“hard” judging - it would no longer matter.
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40