[concours] Need info on 150 FHC - reply


Hi Ron Rader & all – Ron, the automatic gearbox in the XK150 DHC was the
same as in my original late '59 Mark IX, RHETT (792817 BW) – the Borg
Warner DG250, B-W’s then-latest rendition. It includes the Intermediate
Speed hold and solenoid, which allows the driver independent control of 2nd
gear. Of course, all XK150s (like all Mark IXs) were also available with
the standard 4-speed gearbox or with the Laycock de Normanville overdrive.
In the U.S. market, the automatics were popular because some folks
(primarily ladies) back then preferred “shiftless” driving.

In the mid-‘60s, Jaguar went to the Borg Warner Model 8 (without the
Intermediate speed hold, with two “drive” positions on the selector lever
to achieve the same 2nd-gear control). With some work, you can convert to
the Model 8, but may suffer non-authenticity points in a concours d’
elegance. The Model 8 is not really “better” than the DG250, just slightly
different (and slightly more modern). I hope this helps – Larry Martz*****

I am new to this list.

My wife and I want to buy a 150 LHD FHC and I have been lurking on this
list and reading XK books for the past two months. I have also joined
the local club but my first meeting is this weekend.

As near as I can tell there were 3078 150 LHD FHC built. Duncan
Wherrett’s book states the automatic transmission �was usually fitted as
standard on those cars (150s) shipped to the US�. I have been looking
for “build” numbers on LHD FHC with Auto transmissions but have not yet
uncovered how many were built.

Anyone know how many were built?
Am I looking for a needle in the haystack?
Are the later automatic trannys better than the early ones?
Is there a swap out for another auto tranny that makes sense?
Are there articles some where that I should read?

Any help and direction would be appreciated by this �newbie�

Ron Rader
Marina del Rey, CA
1994 XJ6
1965 Austin Healey 3000 Mark III
150 LHD FHC �wanted�

In reply to a message from jagmkix@cwo.com sent Thu 12 Jul 2001:

And most of the 3.8 cars, sold new in Europe, had the limited slip
differential (final drive) if I read the books correctly…?!?
Don�t know why the US market didn�t get that useful option.

I am considering an Automatic FHC, 3.8 from 1959. The seller
doesn�t know if it has the LSD or not.

The gearbox would of course have to be changed. All synchro with
OD, Moss with OD or Getrag or other modern 5 speed.
Any suggestions here…?–
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