[concours] New Jaguar Magazine Web Site

This is a note to all fellow (and lady!) members to inform them that The
Jaguar Magazine has a brand new Web Site which contains material which may
be of interest.

The site will be regularly maintained and updated as each edition is
published, but on this current one there is an exclusive interview with
Norman Dewis, and an editorial which is due to be published in the coming
edition. The reason it is put up here first is that the editor has just
returned from three weeks in England, and he came away greatly impressed
with the direction Jaguar is taking into the new millenium.

The magazine is also offering a free trial edition to anyone who wants one

  • including postage!

The site is at http://www.ecn.net.au/~jagmag/home.html

There was a lot of work put into it by computer wizz Mike Shaw - I hope you
enjoy it.

Kindest regards


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