[concours] Oil Analysis (Preventative Maintenance)

Hi all,

I’m embarking on setting up a small scale oil condition monitoring
service for a specialist group of alternative fuel users, Modern Jaguar
owners, and racers and would like to extend this offer to the this

Oil condition monitoring offers the regular analysis of the engine’s
oil to keep a regular check on the condition of your valuable road/race
engine. Something that can only be otherwise carried out with a
complete strip and rebuild.

The advantage to you is that a near instant (within 36 hours) diagnosis
of the engine’s state of health can be made; with recommendations for
component replacements, oil changes and even fuel system adjustments to
achieve the most reliable and efficient running engine.

If you only use your vehicle for a few days each month it is likely
that you won’t change the oil at the recommended mileage service
interval, but also changing it every 6 months will probably be wasting
expensive oil !
In this case the oil analysis is the perfect method of determining when
to change the oil, without any of the waste associated with low usage
or risks associated with extended oil change intervals.

Samples can be posted to the lab directly at each oil change, after
each race, sprint or track day, or at set intervals; and within a few
days a report will arrive giving the recommended course of action to
keep your engine in its top condition. This will give enough time to
take corrective action, or no action at all, giving full confidence in
the engine’s reliability.

The analysis takes into account:

Oil viscosity change

  • important for power and bearing protection

Oil dilution by fuel

  • reduces oil’s load bearing capability & viscosity. Rich mixture or in
    worst cases leaking fuel pump or injectors.

Water content

  • internal corrosion and acid formation. From condensation of
    combustion by products.

Antifreeze content

  • Glycol attacks bearing material

Acid content

  • attacks bearing material

Alkali content

  • Gives an indication how much the oil has in reserve to combat acid
    build up

Soot content

  • gives an indication of combustion efficiency and piston ring sealing

Wear metals analysis

  • The most important information. Gives a very clear indication of the
    level of each metal in the oil. Wear of the Piston, bore, rings,
    bearings etc can be monitored and a warning of an impending
    component change or FAILURE can be given !

Oil additive package analysis

  • Gives an indication of how the oil is coping with the demands of hard
    road use / racing. A decision on when to change the oil will be made to
    prevent use of highly contaminated oil.

I already use this service for my everyday car (Jaguar XJ6 3.2 running
on LPG) as the oil costs 50 pounds every 6000 miles (8 litres of Amsoil
synthetic at a time).

So far I haven’t changed the oil in 20,000 miles thanks to the analysis
(and a sub-one micron bypass oil filter), and I know exactly how the
engine is wearing (not much at all).

I’ll be able to measure the engine’s wear against a database of other
engines of the same type, make, size, power output etc. The cost of
this service will be �11.60 per sample for UK users inc… P&P. The
service is open to users worldwide, but with a slightly higher postal

Mail me off list if interested.


'93 XJ40 3.2 LPG
Westfield Seight 3.5
Racing Citroen 2CV (no laughing please!)=====
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