[concours] Opas Jag (Richard Cerefice)

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Hi Ron,
This is Rich Cerefice, hoping that I’m e-mailing the “Ron” I think I know
from the JAG Club…
If this is you, and I know it’s me, I have a question or two for you
regarding maintenance and service (issues) concerning my 1987 XJS -
Send me a note, with a phone number where I can reach you to talk…
Rich Cerefice
have a phone number?

Baard Th Hesvik wrote:Ron Rader rader@interworld.net wrote: Thanks Baard, but does grand dad

anyone in the San Francisco area know who owns the 150 FHC
two tone burgundy and black with the California Personal plate:
Please let me know off line.
Ron Rader

It’s Grandad’s…