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Hi All.

I am hoping to tap into the knowledge base of more
experienced e-type experts.
I am looking to determine the chassis number when the
Owner’s Plates changed to small, non-lubrication version in
the Series 2.
It appears to be around 1R13457, and around May 1970.
Three aspects are of interest to me:
1 - it seems to me that along with the change to having no
lubrication data on the smaller plate, that only the small
plate cars would have had the decal ‘‘for lubrication and
information see owner’s manual’’. It seems reasonable that
the sticker was only necessary on the small plate cars.
2 - The non-sequential nature of engine numbers and body
numbers assigned to sequential chassis numbers, (some cars
with higher chassis numbers having lower body and/or
engine/gearbox numbers than cars with lower chassis
numbers), is, explainable, but in some cases the numbers
are far apart. I am wondering if anyone knows why? Could it
be that body color had an influence on the items and when
they were assigned to a car?
In other words, would a car ordered in a rare color, such
as Fawn Ascot, get assigned gearbox/engine/body number, but
until the production ran a ‘‘batch’’ of bodies with Ascot
Fawn, it would not get assigned its chassis number until
one became available from the next paint run?

3 - When did the Chassis number get assigned? Was it as
cars got into the assembly cue after being painted?

Thanks , in advance, for any insight.
Regards, Robert–
Robert W 1970 Series 2 OT 4.2L ZS
Bolton ON, Canada
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