[concours] Plating Manual

Nick, Steve, Dick - thank you all for your responses.
What I was after was something that told me what sort of plating /
surface finishes were used in the “old days” i.e. the 50s, so that I could
write a brief note about the possibilities for an XK. I can understand
that there would be nothing specifically Jaguar related here. I did see an
ancient engineer’s or metallurgist’s book in a junk shop once that had some
details of finishes called things like Coslettising and Parkerising (sort
of blackening, rust proofing processes apparently, e.g. boiling parts in
chemical solutions) - but the bloke who owned the shop wanted something
like $75 for the couple of books! I would have paid $15 but did not bother
even to make an offer.
I am finding myself in some ways almost trying to do a minor
investigation into the history of the British motor industry here - e.g. I
have contacted textile manufacturers who specialise in mohair to see who
may have supplied Jaguar with soft top materials etc back in the 50s -
though I have not been totally ignored, I have still not found the answers
however (any clues would be welcomed). I have also tried to do the same re
the old paint manufacturers to see what happened to the companies involved

  • again, a little (but only a little) success (Pinchin Johnson, British
    Domolac, Industrial & General).
    Regards, John Elmgreen