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Re: [concours] XJS Wheel Expertise Needed
[concours] Introduction and question on tires.
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From: Steve Averill averill@earthlink.net
Subject: Re: [concours] XJS Wheel Expertise Needed

There’s a picture of a chrome MHC 6113CA wheel at:
http://www.seattlejagclub.org/GEWGAW/Whe95.jpg in the middle of the page.
The picture’s from the 1995 Jaguar Accessories catalog. The same page also
shows a chromed alloy “Turbine” wheel, P/N MNA 6113CB. The Jaguar
publication number for the 1995 catalog was JAG 8095AA. There are no wheels
listed in the equivalent 1991 publication. The 1995 catalog page covering
wheels notes “These wheels fit previous model year Jaguars with the
addition of a lug nut kit. See your Jaguar dealer for application details.”
I guess that might be construed as official Jaguar approval to put chromed
alloy wheels on my XJ6C.

<Steve note - I have no explanation for the apparent discrepancy in the P/N
between what David quoted and what I quote above>

I’d guess that the wheels in question were dealer installed when the car
was new. Jaguar certainly did nothing to discourage this practice. My 1991
XJ40 had chrome-plated alloys on it that I now KNOW were dealer installed.
I find it a curious artifact of the JCNA rules that dealer-installed wheels
are dealt with severely while a digital CD player in a Mark VII incurs an
order of magnitude less penalty. These sorts of issues wouldn’t come up if
a “correct vintage” test were applied similar to what’s used for radio
equipment and Amco bars. I’ve seen all sorts of dealer-installed and
well-done period equipment in cars that isn’t allowed by JCNA rules.

That being said and until the rules get rationalized, things are just as
David states - the burden of proof is on the owner. He should be encouraged
to protest if he believes he can produce documentation to support the
protest. If he’s not showing his car for the very first time, he’s surely
aware that the question WILL probably come up and should be prepared to
answer a judge’s questions. I’m certainly prepared with documentation for
certain aspects of my own car. If I were a Chief Judge, I would encourage
the entrant to protest if he felt strongly, and offer to send along what
documentation and my own research had uncovered. BUT - “da rules are da
rules” and they’re available for all to see.
-Steve A.

David S Meck wrote:

I have two microfiche editions that cover the XJ-S models. One is from
VIN 139052 up to VIN 179736 and the other is for VIN 179737 to the end
of production.

The “Special Edition” is covered on fiche 1L08 VIN 179737 onwards,
There were two wheels offered for the Sports Edition, One was Carneval
Red and the other was Signal Red. These are alloy painted wheels NOT
chromed. The part numbers are CBC-2469/2 and CBC 2469/3. In the Fiche
for VIN 179737 ON, on fiche 2E06 there IS a Chrome wheel option offered.
The part number is MHC-6113EA. They were offered on the Sports Pack.
Keep in mind this is the 6.0/4.0 liter cars.

As I said before, to extricate yourself from these types of discusions,
judge the car as you see it. If the owner has a point of centention, it
is His/Her responsibility to produce the Jaguar source for the parts
(microfiche, parts book, Boutique cataloge, etc).

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 10:45:50 -0700
From: Baard Th Hesvik bhesvik@telesoft.no
Subject: [concours] Introduction and question on tires.


I’ve received the Concour dig. for a while, and thought I’d introduce myself
although I’ve been with the Jag-lovers since the very start.

A member of the Norwegian Jaguar Club since 1991, and JEC since '93-ish, I
have been a concours judge since 1994, first for pre-68 saloons. After our
club decided to split post-68 saloons into Series I + II and Series
III/XJ40/X300, I’ve judged the latter (entering a 1972 Series I Jaguar

I am also a self-proclaimed spokesman for elevating the standards of our
club’s concours as such, and have therefore followed your discussions with

Question regarding tires: As for my own entry, our car (Series I Jaguar XJ6
4.2 litre SWB 1972) was originally equipped with the bespoke Dunlop SP Sport
E70VR15; the original tires that were actually designed in a joint effort by
Jaguar Cars and Dunlop. (The spare tire is still virtually unused, and
resides in the spare wheel well.)

The original tires were long gone when we bought the car so, wanting to
stick to Dunlop SPs because of the history, we first moved to Dunlop SP
Sport D7 (215/70/15), which was the nearest I could come to E70VR15 after
carefully measuring the spare wheel. We had some discussions on the tire
size, but managed ok. A couple of years back it was time to re-shoe again.
This time, Dunlop had replaced the D7s with ‘SP Sport D2000’ which, to
resemble the previous, were recommended in dim. 225/60/15. Now the judges
aren’t in the slightest doubt; I lose points every time.

What are the criteria for keeping your points on tires on the “International

Thank you!

Best regards,
Baard Th Hesvik

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 12:43:47 -0700
From: F8driver@pacbell.net
Subject: Re: [concours] Introduction and question on tires.

The tire judging rules published by Jaguar Clubs of North America leave
much to be desired. However, they contain one (slightly dated) statement
in Appendix B, Page 5, which may be of help.

“During 1972-1974 the tire industry experienced near-chaos as it changed
industry standards and nomenclature. The original equipment Dunlop
ER70x15VR used to be a “205” tire. After the industry standards changed
in the 1970s, the ER70x15VR became a “185” tire, and later went out of
production. So, if you you ask tire dealer to order an equivalent tire
to the OEWM ER70xVR15, his records will indicate a post-revision spec.
of “185” which is the WRONG SIZE for these model Jaguars. Correct
equivalent equipment today: Dunlop 205/70xVR15 SP Sport Super D7;
Pirelli 205xVR15 P5; Michelin 205/70xVR15 XWX.”

Michelin 205/70xVR15 XWXT is still available as are Dunlop “Elite”

Good luck,
Dick Cavicke

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