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Hi All,

I am relatively new to Jaguars, having worked on restoring 2 XK120 SEs for
the past 5 years and getting close with one. At the local JAG meet in
Troy, MI I saw a 120 Jag that was absolutely perfect. Later I found out that
it indeed scored 100 pts. I was present when the judges scored the car, and
they were relentless. They asked to see items and details that, in five
years, I hadn’t even thought about. For example, the proper shape of the
heads of the bolts that hold the rubber interconnectors for the electrical
line connectors for headlight wiring on the front of the radiator housing. I
would have thought just any slotted hex bolt would do. Nope. And this Jag
had the correct ones!! And this is just one minor point on the car. I could
cook breakfast anywhere in the engine compartment, it was spotless!.. After
the show, the owner wrapped towels around the exhaust to prevent soot from
touching the paint, fired it up, and drove 50 feet to the enclosed, matching
paint trailer. I don’t care if it was a trailer queen, as a reference tool,
it was great to look at. The owner did mention that it took many years, one
sacrificed marriage, and untold amounts of money, but it was a beauty!!!
So they are out there, and some do deserve it! But at a price…
For me, just getting one out of two on the road is fine for now, but who
knows, maybe the second one will be a 100 car, but is there such a thing as
a 100 pt car in the driven class??


Lee Jacobsen, Dearborn, MI 52 & 53 XK120 SEs

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<< is there such a thing as
a 100 pt car in the driven class?? >>

It’s gotta include bug chips on the front of the car and a well worn
accelerator pedal!

Mike Moore
63 OTS
70 S1