[concours] RE:Computerized scoring

Hi everyone,
I’d like to thank everyone for their input with the subject of
computerized scoring. As what I’d use it for is not a concours show but more
a general Jaguar popular choice/class show it seems that at this time using
a computer for judging isn’t the way to go from what I can gather from
everyone. We had 120+ cars attend the show last fall and it seems to get
bigger every year so with this in mind we were looking into whether or not
it would be feasible to use on-site computerized judging not only for the
judging aspect but also possibly as a tool for creating mailing list for
past entrants,location of entrants,etc. It looks like the best way is to
stick to pencil,paper for the actual show and enter the data later on for
keeping track of entrants for mailing and seeing how the show stacks up over
the years.
It is interesting though the ideas that were kicked around here as far as
new methods of computerized concours judging…be interesting to see how its
handles 5-10 years from now.

Chris Burdo
1965 3.8S(MOD)
Jaguar Club of Connecticut_________________________________________________________________
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