[concours] Re: Concours Digest V1 #113

Dr Gregory Andrachuk writes:

You are right;“continental” is another term that would be better than
national". By the way, we also have another winner in our membership: Steve
Averill took a first “continental” with his beautiful 76 XJ6C (class 11). I
had the privilege of judging his car at one concours last year.

Seeing my name mentioned flushed me out of hiding. Actually, I prefer the
“North American” that JCNA chose over “Continental.” Continental could be
Europe or it could be construed to exclude islands such as Vancouver
Island, much as Continental Europe is often considered as distinct from
Britain. Vancouver Island is clearly part of North America. But what about
the poor Hawaiians?

I didn’t see Gregory mention it, but I noticed that the car that WON his
class and now has to compete in the “Champion” Division is a S2 and so
he’ll be up against me next year. Hope he’s got a pretty cruddy engine

                                          -Steve A.

'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40