[concours] Re: Concours Digest V1 #138

British Wire Wheel has Dunlop Elite ER70/15 tires available. But I caution
you, they’re $300 per tire. Whew! I don’t think they’re whitewalls. In the
US, people regularly get deductions for having 215/70-15 tires on an XJ6,
particularly a S1 or S2. I know of NO decent whitewalls available today in
the correct size. If blackwalls are OK, there are a number of choices
including the Avon CR28 at around $100, the Pirelli P4000 at prices ranging
from $67 to $140, and the expensive Dunlops. All the above tires are “V”
rated. The best price on the Pirellis seems to be at Discount Tire Direct.
-Steve A.

Baard Th Hesvik wrote:>Hi,

I’ve received the Concour dig. for a while, and thought I’d introduce myself
although I’ve been with the Jag-lovers since the very start.

A member of the Norwegian Jaguar Club since 1991, and JEC since '93-ish, I
have been a concours judge since 1994, first for pre-68 saloons. After our
club decided to split post-68 saloons into Series I + II and Series
III/XJ40/X300, I’ve judged the latter (entering a 1972 Series I Jaguar