[concours] Re: Concours Digest V1 #149 - reply


Hi Bruce MacCormack, Rufus Coburn & all – Bruce and Rufus, as a JCNA
member (#2626) since ‘78, I’m involved in the concours judging standards
issue. I’ve prepared a draft of judges’ authenticity guidelines for the Mk
VII/VIIM/VIII/IX (the big saloons, 10/50 - 9/61, JCNA Champion Division
Class 8), and sent it just before Xmas '90 to Bill Streitenberger, JCNA
Concours Scores Recording; Eric Schumaker, JCNA President; and Dick
Cavicke, JCNA SW Regional Director. Bill brought up the idea of these
guidelines a couple of years ago, and is working on the project along with
Dick, who persuaded me to finally get my extensive knowledge of our big
saloons out.

Once this project bears real fruit (authenticity guidelines for EVERY model
of JAGUAR), these documents will help greatly to standardize the judging of
our Cats. They require authors with sufficient experience (hands-on),
resources (accurate references), and desire/love of the various models.

My experience: I fell in love with Jaguar in 1963, with my first – a '53
Mk VII. In 1965, I acquired a '58 Mk VIII; in 1989, I acquired a '59 Mk
IX. My resources: Books by Paul Skilleter and Nigel Thorley on our
saloons, plus extensive factory literature (service and parts manuals,
etc.). My desire/love: I’ve owned two XK120s and an XK140 over the years,
but my real love (some may call it lust) is for our elegant luxury/racing

Bruce – As I recall, I sent you an e-mail with my first draft of this
non-authenticity guideline. With additional research, I’ve added comments
on tools, alloy engine parts, etc. I agree with you 100% about the need
for substantive responses. If anyone wants to talk, I’m at 916-363-9561
(Sacramento CA USA), or <@Larry_Martz1>. Take care – Larry Martz*****
Having seen the computerized scoring issue resolved somewhat satisfactorily,
I would now point listers to the JCNA web site where an interesting thread
has been originated by Rufus Coburn: http://www.jcna.com/forums/jcna.cgi
about concours judging standards. This is an important issue begging for
responses from this erudite list! I hope you’ll participate.

Bruce MacCormack