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I would also like to fit earless hubs to the car at some point. The eared
spinners are rather dangerous. Would these qualify under safety mods and,
if so, would I then add the spinner removal tool to the tool kit?

This is one that would obviously be in the “nice” category, but I’m on a
roll with these questions and am making up shopping lists…
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe >>

I think they came both ways. The “eared or winged” knock-offs were
prohibited in certain markets. Look it up in a authentic Jaguar parts book,
if it’s in there, copy the page and keep it with you at the concours to show
the judges in case the subject comes up, eliminates confusion. If it’s not
in the book, it’s non-authentic unless prohibited by state/province saftey
codes. Again, you had better be able to quote the “scripture & verse”.

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Subject: [concours] E-type - Safety Question Part 2

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<< The eared spinners are rather dangerous >>


Please explain.
I don’t understand how they are dangerous (outside of the cost of
Has there ever been an injury?