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<< Later on, the car will have a roll bar installed to comply with SCCA
requirements for Solo racing. It will also have competition seat belts
installed at that time.

Hi Steve & List.

Steve, if you put in a roll cage & competition seat harness, you should also
tape up your headlamps, put a number on the door and enter it in C15 (maybe)
or C16 The scripture & verse of the rule book (in my opinion) that allows
for modifications to pass state or province safety inspections does not
include SCCA rules. Do the above, put on a set of headers, polish the head,
cam covers & intake runners, wrap your steering wheel and I promise you that
a judge will run out of space in the bottom corners of your score sheets if
you enter in C 5. I would also question your tire & wheel combination that
you mentioned as being authentic for class C 5.

                       Just my opinion                   David Nichols