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Hi All – I thought I’d join this thread on the body ID tag. This
rectangular tag with rounded ends, about 2 1/2" long, records the body #
for the particular Jaguar. It’s located on the upper left of the scuttle
(firewall). On ALL of my Jaguars over the years since '63 ('53 Mark VII,
'52 XK120 disc wheel OTS, '58 Mark VIII, '55 XK140MC OTS, '54 XK120SE OTS,
'59 Mark IX), it was riveted to the scuttle BEFORE the body was painted –
thus, it WAS/IS body colour! The body # on this tag can be confirmed by
checking the car’s commission plate. I hope this helps – Larry Martz*****
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owner-concours-digest@jag-lovers.org writes:

<< Was this mounted prior to painting and thus should be body
color or was it mounted after and thus should be polished?

Was not body colored. Don’t think it was highly polished either. Please
somebody else step in here that has more knowledge.

                                   David Nichols