[concours] Re: Concours Digest V1 #212

Doug’s idea makes a lot of sense.

With respect to too many winners, Concours are where everyone should win
something, be it best in show, most improved, or most in need of improvement.

At the ‘Battle of the Brits’,( a Mich. Sept 10th British sportscar and
motorcycle fest) in addition to being judged by actual judges, cars were
also judged by fellow competitors based on color. It was a good feeling to
get a 25 cent 2nd place ribbon for the ‘green’ category. With all of the
colours Jags are painted, everyone will be a winner. New restorations can
even take advantage of some of the more ‘unique’ colours. I plan on painting
my 120 ‘Twilight blue’, its orginal color. Damson Red 79-80, Fern Gray73-77,
Jupiter green 79, and Snapdragon 79, have promise as colour class winners.
This would also get the competitors involved in becoming potential judges,
starting easy with picking your favorite colour, then advancing to the more
difficult stuff like the proper windshield wiper blades and spark plugs.
Speaking of spark plugs, what is the proper plug for a late model ('53) 120?
Champion (fill in the blank). Are points taken off for using ‘foreign’

Cheers, Lee Jacobsen, Dearborn, MI OTS 673476, 671428.