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I am restoring my 1986 SIII XJ12VP.

It is original code:CEA paint (burgandy) and it had a double gold
was this correct and how do replace it?


Blake Reeves

Concours Digest wrote:>Date: Wed, 25 Feb 98 11:08:56 PST

Subject: Re: [concours] Re: [xj] Down with pinstripes

The correct pinstripe for the Series II xj sedan is a single gold line…
Advertisements for the Series II (North American specification) show
a blackline on the coupe, and gold on others, and it extends only the
length of the swage line, not beyond! On the Series II, the stripe was
placed j
ust BELOW the crease, while on the Series III it was above.

                                        Gregory Andrachuk
                                        Victoria, Canada

Blake: yes, your 1986 xj12 should have a double gold pinstripe (coachline)
on the burgundy paint. Although this stripe is available from your Jaguar
dealer, you can also get it (cheaper) at any auto body supply shop. The
application is very simple. Be careful that you do not extend the stripe
beyond the body crease (swage line). This is the one mistake that is made
after repaints, and it SCREAMS “repaint”. If your car is a Canadian
specification xj12, it has side marker lights. The stripe extends not quite
to the front of the FRONT light, and about halfway along the REAR light.
The length is only approximately critical. That is the cars left the factory
with small differences in the length of the line, but in no case beyond
the body crease. The stripe goes just above the crease (about a quarter
inch). Just peel off the backing and apply smoothly in long segments to avoid
ripples. Do not stretch the tape. Do one panel at a time, leaving a small
amount to be tucked around the panel edge. If you make a mistake, do NOT
panic. This stuff can easily be removed, and a roll has more than enough
to do the Jaguar. By the way, the wider stripe goes to the top, I believe, but
this is a matter of taste unless you crave absolute authenticity.
For those who have a Series II car or an early (79 to 82) Series III, the
same kit provides exactly the correct width for the single stripe. Just
leave the narrower stripe aside. Single stripe kits bought at supply houses
are typically wider than the OEM stripe. The ends of a single stripe should
be angle cut to mirror the angle of the headlamp surround, and the rear
lamps. The double stripe will have a joining piece in the kit for
front and rear (4). I hope this helps. All you need is a steady hand and
a sharp cutting tool (DO NOT cut the tape on the body. You do not want to
nick the paint as this can be the start of a nasty blister!)

                                    Gregory Andrachuk