[concours] Re: Concours Digest V1 #80

In 1997, I was a judge at the LaJolla Concours. There were several
hundred cars represented. I was in a team which judged the European
Classics. That meant such cars as: Alfa-Romeo, Bugatti, Maybach,
Rolls-Royce, etc.
There were three of us in a team. It took us no more than about 10
minutes to do the interior, electrics and starting and running.
There is no reason that Jaguars should not be judged on running.
When I rebuilt my 3.5 Liter(“Mk IV”) engine and started it for the first
time, there was about two seconds of thin blue smoke and then not a
wisp. It all depends upon how carefully an engine is rebuilt. As for
leaks, My engine doesn’t leak a drop. When Joe Maletsky of Motorcraft
Ltd. in N.J. rebuilds a Jaguar engine, it doesn’t leak. I’ve seen many
that he has rebuilt. It basically depends on how careful the mechanic is
or the factory was. Frankly, I don’t think that Jaguar was too careful
about that. Note: do the new Jags leak?
Bill Kellner
1948 3.5 Liter Saloon
1958 XK-150 DHC

Bill: the new Jaguars do not leak one drop. In fact the Jags starting
with the xj40 models have been oil-tight. On the other hand, a leak-free
Jaguar is not so rare. I have two Series 3 saloons and both engines are
completely dry. Not a drop on the floor, no oil on the engine (and yes, there
is lots of oil in the sump!)

                        Gregory Andrachuk
                        Victoria, Canada
                        82.5 xj6
                        84 xj6 Sovereign