[concours] Re: Concours JCNA AGM Item

Just to throw my two cents in, I’d have to agree with Chip, that the current
“Mechanical”, ie basic safty item checks should be kept. As Chip stated,
there should
be at least a basic safety check for lights, horns, wipers, etc. These are
for licensing in Ontario, so I would think that we should be checking them
to ensure that the cars are “Drivable” even if they are entered in the
classes. Is not the goal of JCNA to promote and preserve Jaguars and
Jaguar/Daimlers ?
Did not all Jaguars get built to be legally drivable in those markets in which
they were
sold ?

As for the high deductions for the safety items, I think they are justified.
In Ontario at least,
you can get a traffic ticket for having a headlamp out, and having a
non-functioning horn is
reason for failing a safey certification, but missing spats, or dirty carpets
are just cosmetic.
Other items, such as missing bumpers or missing tops on OTS cars are also
safety issues,
and these do have higher deductions as well.

I do like the idea of having to start the engine (yes/no) and idle the engine
(yes/no). I’m a bit
leary about the smoky exhaust though, as I know for the earlier engines,
particularly 3.8l E-types,
consumed massive quantities of oil, and this may be evident during normal

I would still include the check for the integrety of the exhaust system, as
leaks here could be
hazardous, or fatal for the occupants of the car if it were indeed driven.

Keep up the good work Dick, I’m sure we can figure out a reasonable set of
extra checks
to make the Mechanical more encomposing.

Cheers, Mark R.

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