[concours] Re: E-type - Question on Authentic Jaguar Competition Mods

That’s why I posed these questions to the list. I have no plans to install
a roll cage, just a roll bar.

It appears that to be safe from those that seek demerits, that I will have
to install a roll bar that can be unbolted without leaving traces behind it.

I’m more surprised about the risk of hits due to installation of Jaguar
factory parts, clearly legal for the market the car was sold in at the time
of sale, and which are installed in accordance with Jaguar recommendations.
As Nick J notes, there is a brochure on the jag-lovers site and it is also
widely available. Matter of fact, I’ve got a copy downstairs. Do you have a
reason why it should be hit, other than the mismatch rule which should, in
this case, be overridden by factory recommendations? I believe that some
XK8 variants have intentionally mismatched wheels and tires as they leave
the factory.

Solo racing would not normally qualify a car for Class 15. My modifications
would not qualify it for Class 16 and I don’t plan to run in a modified
JCNA slalom class so it’s C5 by elimination. There will be no suspension or
wheel modifications other than those documented as authentic by Jaguar for

I guess that eared knockoffs were required in some markets (but not the US)
in 1967. They certainly were legal in the US. They are listed in the
Catalog. This is probably a matter to avoid by just fitting the eared
spinners gracefully. I can always put on the earless ones afterwards.
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40

PS: My steering wheel IS wrapped. However, that will no longer be the case
by the time I first show the car. It was a PO item. I prefer a wrapped
steering wheel, but it isn’t worth a deduct twice that for a missing
bonnet. Good news on that is that Dick Cavicke is working on rooting out
such clear anomalies.

David Nichols wrote:

<< Later on, the car will have a roll bar installed to comply with SCCA
requirements for Solo racing. It will also have competition seat belts
installed at that time.

Steve, if you put in a roll cage & competition seat harness, you should also
tape up your headlamps, put a number on the door and enter it in C15 (maybe)
or C16 The scripture & verse of the rule book (in my opinion) that allows
for modifications to pass state or province safety inspections does not
include SCCA rules. Do the above, put on a set of headers, polish the head,
cam covers & intake runners, wrap your steering wheel and I promise you that
a judge will run out of space in the bottom corners of your score sheets if
you enter in C 5. I would also question your tire & wheel combination that
you mentioned as being authentic for class C 5.

David Nichols also wrote:>I think they came both ways. The “eared or winged” knock-offs were

prohibited in certain markets. Look it up in a authentic Jaguar parts book,
if it’s in there, copy the page and keep it with you at the concours to show
the judges in case the subject comes up, eliminates confusion. If it’s not
in the book, it’s non-authentic unless prohibited by state/province saftey
codes. Again, you had better be able to quote the “scripture & verse”.