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Steve: you make a cot of good points, but competeing in two different
classes in the same show? I don’t think so. What would then preclude me from
entering both in Driver’s D6 and Championship C12?
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I’m contemplating entering my XJ6C in Class 18 (Preservation Class). My
thoughts in this direction were prompted by the prospect of my largely
original car in competition against a well-done, ground-up restoration. I
was originally concerned that an entry in Class 18 would jeopardize my
Class 11 standings (I still plan to enter 3 shows in Class 11). After
research, it appears that it’s allowable to enter a car in its “native”
class and Class 18 IN THE SAME EVENT. Can anyone indicate to me why, based
on the rules, that this isn’t so?

There would certainly be disadvantages to the entrant by doing so. For
example, my good, original carpets consistently pick up deductions in
11 but my perfect “show carpets” should be death in Class 18.

What’s more, reading the rules, I’m less clear than ever about how Class
should be judged. There’s a fine and poorly defined line between continued
maintenance of a car and restoration of same. For example, I’ve replaced
the deteriorated EGR insulation on my XJ6C. Is that maintenance or
restoration? I replaced the distributor that exploded last year.
Maintenance or restoration? Similarly, I try not to let stone chips
accumulate - that path leads to rust. Is THAT maintenance or restoration?
What about leather conditioning with conditioner that has a dye component?
What about those waxes that have color in them to help the old paint look
richer? Has this Class 18 been thought through carefully? I’m told (by a
source that will remain nameless) that last year’s winning Class 18 car ha
chromed headlight buckets. I can’t tell if this is so from the JJ photo,
but the owner did talk about all the change he made to the car. Why is
Preservation Class a competitive class in the first place? That very
characteristic would seem to lead to LESS preservation of good, original
cars rather than more. It seems unlikely to me that any 34 year-old car
kept in a cocoon would be able to score a three-show average of 99.937 in
Preservation Class. Heck, I doubt that Jaguar built them that good then.
Even the rules seem to presume that scores will be low in Class 18 since
the threshold for a first place is 80 points rather than the usual 90.

Anyway, assuming that I entered three Class 11 events and two Class 18
events (with one being a double entry), would I then be eligible for two
JCNA trophies in the same year (a Regional and a North American)?

Inquiring minds want to know!
-Steve A.
'67 E Type Coupe
'76 XJ6C
'91 XJ40