[concours] Re: Minimum Standards - reply


Hi Lee Jacobsen & all – Lee, your Cat is an ideal candidate for what I
(after many years experience with California State Parks) call HISTORIC
PRESERVATION. My own effort is RHETT, a truly original 1959 Mark IX, who
definitely shows his 42 + years, but runs and drives correctly. In fact,
his originality tends to garner 1st Place trophies at serious concours d’
elegance events. His light grey leather shows age, but is still soft –
his paint shows age, but remains glossy and new-looking from 2 feet away –
his wood (NOT over-restored) retains its “glow” in sunlight – etc., etc.
In fact, RHETT serves as a GOOD reference for Jag-Lovers with any of the
Mark VII/VIIM/VIII/IX series.

The only problem I see with your approach is retention of the original
Dunlop tyres. Although they may look fine, their age (48 years) means they
will DEFINITELY not support your Cat at speed any more. When I acquired
him, RHETT had an original Dunlop 6:70 x 16 in the boot – I replaced it
(and the 4 on the ground) with the Denman 6:50 x 16 (they look EXACTLY like
the original Dunlops, but are NEW, not 42 + years old). If you do decide
to retain the original Dunlops, at least change the 5 tubes for new – this
will lessen the chance of a distrous tyre failure, eh!

Just so everyone will know – on Aug. 12, I posted a message to the xk
list, including the fact of the sudden loss of my sister, Carolyn DeLozier,
in a traffic accident in Deepwater Mo on July 31 '01. I’ve now replied to
the xk list with thanks from the Martz and DeLozier families, after proving
(again) that our extended Jag-Lovers family is meaningful indeed! Take
care – Larry Martz, 916-363-9561*****

Steve, your thoughts on being a reference for originality, tattered but
clean, sound like what this car could be. The leather interior is original,
including all the carpets and boot area carpets. They match Bassett’s tan
interior kit samples exactly.(unsolicited). There is no massive rust of the
sills or underbody, the British rustproofing system of protective oil coating
from the engine area working to great effect. There must be an inch of grime
caked to the suspension with original chassis black underneath. Most of the
surface rust is from a poor repaint in the early 60s (OEW) before it was
parked due to a faulty fuel pump. In fact, lifting the boot lid, one can see
the original BRG on the inside. I am replacing obvious rotted hoses and
safety items but am considering leaving the original Dunlops as they still
appear quite servicable despite the years. The wires are still painted BRG
and details like spring gaiters are in fine shape. I am tempted to just
paint it BRG as original, leave the rest alone, and enjoy driving it.
Appreciate the input, can’t wait to fire it up (engine).
Cheers, Lee Jacobsen, Dearborn, MI 53’ XK120 SE